Gum Disease Puts You at an Increased Risk for These Health Conditions

Your oral health directly impacts your general oral health, which means that poor oral health increases your risk of other health conditions. Gum disease especially exposes you to these conditions, and Dr. and our team want to help be informed of the health risks associated with gum disease. Respiratory Disease Gum disease puts you at… Read more »

A Positive Oral Health Care Outlook with Bruxism

Our team would like to wish you a happy holiday season and hope your end of the year festivities are joyous. However, we want you to have the maximum chance of success and want to see you next year without suffering from severe oral health conditions that may arise. Take this time to assess your… Read more »

A Minor Defect on a Front Tooth Might Be Repaired with a Composite Dental Filling

The teeth in the front of your mouth often appear in your smile. They can also have a salient appearance in many of your common facial expressions. When one of these teeth has been affected by a chip, minor dental fracture, or a noticeable cavity, it can leave you feeling socially awkward and overly self-conscious… Read more »

Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary for Your Smile?

Typically, when a tooth is broken or damaged from decay, our dentists will repair the tooth using one of these options; a dental filling, crown, or other restoration. But sometimes tooth damage is too extensive to repair and requires extraction. Extraction may be necessary of the tooth is loosened from advanced periodontal disease or oral trauma. Impaction… Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth with an Approved Whitening Toothpaste Can Help Remove Surface Stains from Your Teeth

The surfaces of your teeth include microscopic pores and textured areas. When you consume dark beverages, use tobacco, or eat dark foods, tiny dark particles can start to accumulate on the surfaces of your teeth. If they are not removed in a reasonable amount of time these minor dental stains can start to penetrate the… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: The Answer to Your Injured Tooth

Dr. Chris Pallotto and Dr. Eric Osmolinski are happy to be able to offer root canal therapy for our patients experiencing internal damage or injury to a tooth. This dental procedure has historically been branded with a bad rap, as people fear it is painful. But with modern tools, technique, and anesthesia, this endodontic procedure can save… Read more »

Rock a Fresh Breath by Using Our Tips

Are you tired of your embarrassing odorous breath? If so, our dentists, Dr. Pallotto and Dr. Osmolinski, can help you rock a fresh breath. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve the smell of your breath and eliminate this hygiene issue, and they are happy to tell you all about them! First, clean your… Read more »

Oral Emergencies Secrets for a Healthy Smile

Oral emergencies are accidents that occur to your mouth that require immediate attention. Staying calm is the most important thing to remember and knowing what to do in a stressful situation such as an oral emergency is important to minimize damage and decrease your recovery time. Here are some oral emergencies you may face in… Read more »

What Can I Expect for Dental Bridge Treatment?

A dental bridge is a beneficial restoration that can successfully replace your missing tooth. If you’re about to restore your oral health and enhance your smile with a dental bridge in , , good for you! When you come to our office, you can expect a simple and successful treatment. It will begin with Dr…. Read more »

What Are Mouth Guards?

Do you ever put your smile at risk in your everyday life? Is there any chance of damaging your teeth and gums based on the activities you choose to pursue? If so, wear mouth guards whenever possible. For more information about mouth guards, consider the following: – Find time to take care of your mouthguards… Read more »