Patients who want a straighter smile without the hassle of braces often find the solution to their needs when they try Invisalign®. You can obtain your own custom set of clear aligners with the help of our dentist, Dr. Pallotto. Contact Oak Dental Associates to ask our dental professionals if you or a member of your family would benefit from experiencing Invisalign in Oak Lawn, Illinois.


To find out how Invisalign can help you, call our office today and schedule an appointment!


Our team at Oak Dental Associates is pleased to provide Invisalign in Oak Lawn, Illinois, to give you the smile you have always wanted without the use of metal appliances.

Invisalign is a service we provide that is a plastic, retainer-like product and is virtually invisible. It is a very successful product that gradually transforms your smile over time and is great for both teens and adults. The Invisalign aligner trays are removable and also give you the results you are looking for once you have completed the entire process. Throughout this treatment, you will receive a series of aligning trays that will add pressure to your teeth to gradually shift and move them throughout time.If you are interested in this treatment, Dr. Pallotto invites you to come into our office for a consultation. During this time, your dentist will check your teeth and jaw to make sure this is the right solution for you. If it is the treatment that will change your smile for the better, we will get you started on the Invialign process and tell you the information you need to know to end the treatment with success.