Have a Painful Abscess? Treat It Today!

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Bacteria may enter and cause an infection if the inside of your mouth gets irritated or injured. Painful and red swelling of the gums can possibly be an abscess. Our dental professionals here at Oak Dental Associates will be happy to examine and give you the best treatment for your teeth.

Some symptoms include general discomfort, a fever, red or swollen gums, swelling in the neck and upper or lower jaw, and/or irritability when eating cold or hot substances. This infection between the tooth’s root or gum may also cause foul breath or a bitter taste from pus draining in your mouth.

Swelling and redness are the first signs of a possible abscess, so your dentist will further examine your mouth with a dental tool, tapping your teeth to see if you experience pain. Another method your dentist may use is having you bite down tightly for another indication of pain. An x-ray will the final source of information determining if the tooth bone and/or gum has damage caused by an abscess.

Until you can visit your dentist for a procedure, use warm salt water rinses, antibiotics, and over-the-counter medication to ease your pain for the time being. Your dentist will determine whether your abscess needs to be drained or your tooth removed. An incision on the swollen gum can drain excess as well as draining it through the socket by removing the tooth. This can later be replaced by a dental implant. A root canal will remove diseased tissue and then be covered with a dental crown.

If left untouched, an abscess may continue to damage tissues and extend to other teeth. Call our team at 708-422-1900 here in Oak Lawn, Illinois, to schedule an appointment or consultation. Oak Dental Associates will be happy to assist you with the dental care you need.