Having Dental Bonding Applied

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Dental bonding can be used to fix various issues with teeth, like if they get chipped or are spaced too far from each other. If you are curious about how they are applied, we are happy to offer a bit more information for you.

The bonding is made from composite resin, which is designed to blend with the natural color of your teeth. Not only that, it can come in different shades, and our dentists, Dr. Chris Pallotto, can find the shade that matches you personally.

To help the bonding stick to your teeth, the dentist may have to make the surface of the teeth, at least the areas that will be treated, somewhat rougher. A rougher surface can give the resin a better grip and make it less likely to just fall off on its own.

The resin is then applied to the areas it needs to be in, and the dentist shines a light over it. This light can harden the resin into place.

The dentist then etches the bonding. We want to make sure that the bonding has the appearance of your natural teeth, and the dentist can carefully sculpt it so it draws people’s attention to a nice-looking smile and not to itself.

If your teeth are in need of a fix, we can restore them for you here at Oak Dental Associates in Oak Lawn, Illinois. We offer bonding and other services, and we can help you decide which one to go with. Feel free to call us at 708-422-1900, and we will be happy to help you.