How Long Will My Dental Veneers Last?

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Dental veneers are a great way to easily improve your smile. They are usually placed in two appointments, and can make all the difference in the world when it comes to dealing chipped or discolored teeth, or teeth that are the oddly shaped or unevenly spaced. While getting veneers is an easy process, it does take some care and thought to maintain them. Veneers will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, but they are not invincible.

First, you need to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. It’s true that a veneer protects the front of your tooth, but it does nothing to protect the back. That means your tooth is still vulnerable to decay.  A veneer will not do you much good if you lose the tooth because you did not brush and floss. Unless of course, you just want an interesting conversation piece.

Second, as we mentioned earlier, your veneers are not invincible. You can break or chip them, just as you can your natural teeth. That means protecting them just as would your teeth. If you play sports or enjoy a type of recreation that could damage your teeth, wear a mouth guard to protect your smile. If you are in the habit of chewing on a pen or pencil, or you open packages by putting one corner in your mouth and giving the other corner a vigorous yank, you may want to rethink that behavior. Bruxism, or teeth grinding can also damage your veneers. If that is a problem for you, talk to your dentist about how to treat it.

Third, keep an eye on your veneer. It is not uncommon for the cement bonding the veneer to your teeth to wear away over time. If you notice that a veneer is starting to come loose, or even if it falls off, don’t panic. Save the veneer, call the dentist and schedule an appointment to have it reattached or to have a new veneer crafted.

If your smile could use a little sprucing up, why not talk to our dentist, Dr. Chris Pallotto about whether dental veneers are right for you? If you live in the Oak Lawn, Illinois area, and would like to schedule an appointment at Oak Dental Associates, call 708-422-1900 today to plan your visit.