Keeping a Teen’s Mouth Safe from Oral Catastrophes

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Not all oral ailments are the result of harmful acids within your mouth. Sometimes, the decisions you make in the physical world, especially as a teenager, can have a drastic impact on your smile and your overall oral health. With the coming of age comes the responsibility in making the right decisions to protect yourself and your smile, even if it may not look like the popular choice.

Peer pressure plays a key role in the downfall of many teenage smiles. Everything from mouth jewelry to drugs and tobacco can seriously disrupt your teeth and gums and set your oral health back decades. Ensure your smile will continue on by avoiding peer pressure and the bad habits that come with it.

Sports as a teen are a popular pastime. However, many contact sports can lead to devastating oral accidents if you are not wearing the appropriate safety gear. This includes during high-risk activities such as skateboarding or ice skating, when wearing headgear or mouthguards may not seem cool or popular. However, keeping your smile safe should be of the utmost importance, so take the necessary steps you can to protect your smile for a lifetime of happiness.

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