Oral Emergencies Secrets for a Healthy Smile

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Oral emergencies are accidents that occur to your mouth that require immediate attention. Staying calm is the most important thing to remember and knowing what to do in a stressful situation such as an oral emergency is important to minimize damage and decrease your recovery time. Here are some oral emergencies you may face in your life and some tips on what to do should they occur.

One of the most common oral emergencies arises if you bite your lip or tongue. Normally, biting your lip or tongue won’t do enough damage for it to cause serious injury, but an open wound should always be cared for no matter how big or small. To avoid the risk of infection, apply a small gauze to the wound and add pressure to it until it stops bleeding. You do not need to apply heavy pressure, but rather just enough to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding continues for long periods of time, you may need stitches.

If you have a tooth knocked loose or completely out, it is vital to soak the tooth in a liquid substance such as milk or an actual tooth-saving product. Keeping the tooth alive increases your chance for a successful restoration later by our dentists. If the tooth dries out, it may be unusable and can’t be re-attached. Also, be careful not to the hit the root or nerve where your tooth used to be. This can cause severe pain and other complications.

If you are experiencing an oral health emergency, stay calm and call us today at 708-422-1900. Our team here at Oak Dental Associates in Oak Lawn, Illinois, is happy to assist you and give you aid in your time of need. Dr. Pallotto and Dr. Osmolinski are trained experts and can assist you in any of your oral health care questions and needs.