Root Canal Therapy: The Answer to Your Injured Tooth

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Dr. Chris Pallotto and Dr. Eric Osmolinski are happy to be able to offer root canal therapy for our patients experiencing internal damage or injury to a tooth. This dental procedure has historically been branded with a bad rap, as people fear it is painful. But with modern tools, technique, and anesthesia, this endodontic procedure can save your tooth from dying and being extracted with no more discomfort than receiving a dental filling.

With the help of a root canal, your dentist can safely replace the pulp and nerves inside the tooth that may be injured, infected, or abscessed. Let’s take a look!

Once an evaluation has been performed and your tooth assessed to require a root canal you will come in for the treatment. Your dentist begins by removing the infected tissue in the tooth. Next, the area will be cleaned and disinfected to prepare it for the filling material. This rubber-like material, or gutta-percha, will be used to fill the space and keep out bacteria. When the tooth is ready, it will be capped, usually with a dental crown. After the cap is placed, your tooth will function like normal again and look as good as new.

If you are needing to save an injured tooth, our Oak Dental Associates team is ready to help you in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Please reach out to us at 708-422-1900 for a dental evaluation. One of our experienced dentists will be happy to evaluate your condition to see if a root canal treatment is right for you.