Time for a Dental Restoration?

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At Oak Dental Associates in Oak Lawn, Illinois, we offer traditional dental fillings made from strong, durable materials including gold, porcelain, or composite fillings for patients who require a dental restoration. Dental fillings are created to withstand the ongoing pressures of biting and chewing, and with good oral care and maintenance, they can last 5-15 years, depending on their composition. Even so, fillings do wear down with time, or chip, crack, and even fall out and require replacing.

Leaks – dental fillings can sometimes leak, and when this happens, oral debris consisting of bacteria and food particles enter the area beneath the filling. Because you cannot clean this area, the bacteria will create further decay by producing acid from feeding on this debris. Because this can go on for a while before you notice it, regular dental checkups are important to catching this. During a checkup our dedicated dentists, Dr. Chris Pallotto & Eric Osmolinski can detect this problem before you even notice something is amiss.

Cracks– over time cracks can develop in fillings, even from biting down, particularly if the filling is higher than the tooth’s surface. Cracks can also develop around the edges of the filling and can be fixed instead of replaced, depending on the size and depth of the crack. And if you grind your teeth while you sleep you can wear down fillings prematurely.

Lost Filling – fillings can be lost, whether from biting down too hard or if the filling wasn’t strong enough for the tooth it was placed on, or if the tooth didn’t bond properly during initial placement because saliva entered the cavity during the restoration process, and will require replacing.

At Oak Dental Associates, we are happy to offer our patients traditional dental fillings for your beautiful, healthy smile. So, if it is time for your next dental checkup or if you are experiencing problems with a filling, you can reach our dedicated team in Oak Lawn, Illinois, by calling 708-422-1900 today.