Treat Your TMJ’s With Kindness

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Do you know what your TMJ’s are? Do you have pain in the joints of your jaw? If so, you could be struggling with the temporomandibular joint disorder. Your temporomandibular joints are located on each side of your face, and they help you by moving your jaw up and down to eat and talk. When they become inflamed, necessary actions like smiling, eating and talking can become painful and stressed.

Our dentistss, Dr. Pallotto and Dr. Osmolinski, understand your TMJ’s and is happy to help you. That is why our team at Oak Dental Associates in Oak Lawn, Illinois, is happy to share with you some information on how to take care of your TMJ’s.

Here are some tips on how to treat your TMJ’s with kindness:

– Eating softer foods will be gentler on your jaw and help you with any strain or pressure you might be putting on your jaw through trying to eat tougher foods.
– Night guards while you sleep are beneficial because teeth grinding can irritate your TMJ’s causing inflammation and pain.
– Heat or ice packs can help with pain and swelling from your joints when needed.
– Anti-stress techniques like meditation, yoga and soothing music to help with stress. Many people suffer from stress, and there are countless ways to help it. Find a way to lower your stress that could be causing your TMJ’s to become inflamed.

If you struggle with your TMJ’s or would like to come in and talk to a specialist about them, please call us today at 708-422-1900 to make an appointment. Our friendly team is happy to welcome you and give you aid, so you can get the help you need.