What Are Mouth Guards?

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Do you ever put your smile at risk in your everyday life? Is there any chance of damaging your teeth and gums based on the activities you choose to pursue? If so, wear mouth guards whenever possible. For more information about mouth guards, consider the following:

– Find time to take care of your mouthguards so they are not bent out of shape or are severely contaminated with bacteria.
– Mouth guards prevent oral accidents and injuries from ruining your smile, including dental damage and tooth loss.
– If you are partaking in a contact sport or similar high-risk activity, it is essential to wear the necessary safety equipment, such as mouth guards, to protect your oral health.
– There are different forms of mouth guards including custom bite guards, boil and bite guards, and one size fits all guards, the last of which is the only one that will not be customized to your specific bite impression.

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