While cosmetic surgeons can make changes that enhance the cheeks, eyes, and nose, our dentist in Oak Lawn, Illinois, makes changes that improve the aesthetics of your teeth. This is an important aspect to having a beautiful appearance as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry discovered in a recent study. They learned that people who had cosmetic changes made to their smile were not only rated as more attractive, but also more sensitive, friendly, popular, and successful. Dr. Chris Pallotto knows how sought-after smile enhancements have become, which is why we can repair some of the following flaws at Oak Dental Associates:

  • Gummy Smile or Crooked Gum Line: If excess gum tissue is making your teeth appear too short, then you have a gummy smile. If this problem appears in some parts of your mouth but not others, then you have a crooked gum line. We can repair these flaws by performing a gum lift (also known as crown lengthening). By sculpting the contours of your gum tissue and removing excess amounts, we can expose more tooth structure and even out your gum line.
  • Exposed Roots: Whether it is gum disease, bruxism, vigorous brushing, genetics, or age, exposed tooth roots make your teeth appear long and unhealthy. In fact, your teeth may become unhealthy as a result because the roots are more vulnerable to decay, bone loss, and sensitivity. To remedy this problem, we can perform a gum graft (also known as a soft tissue graft). We will transplant gum tissue over the tooth root in order to protect it and renew the appearance of your smile.
  • Missing Teeth: If you have lost one or more teeth, then not only do you have embarrassing gaps in your smile, but you can also develop certain oral health problems as a result. We offer dental implants and other restorations that renew the structure, function, and appearance of your smile.
  • Gum Indentations: When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone tissue that used to support it will start to shrink in the tooth’s place. This can create indentations in the gums and jaw bone. We repair this problem by not only replacing the missing tooth, but by performing a ridge augmentation where we place bone grafts in the affected areas to restore lost structure.