Is your smile dull and discolored? Would you like to polish your teeth for a long-lasting gleam? Oak Dental Associates can help you achieve a whiter smile with the help of our high-quality teeth whitening procedures. Contact Dr. Chris Pallotto or Dr. Duyen Tran, our skilled dentists, to schedule your next teeth whitening in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

KöR® Whitening System

If you find your smile starting to dull, you may want to try the revolutionary whitening system KöR in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Developed by the renowned cosmetic dentist and whitening expert Dr. Rod Kurthy, KöR is now recognized as the most effective treatment available today, and we offer this whitening system to brighten your smile. KöR utilizes a unique scientific formula to rejuvenate your enamel, creating amazing results with little or no sensitivity.

Because KöR is so gentle, it is perfect for most people. You can continue to drink your favorite beverages, such as wine, tea, soda, etc., and still have a bright, shining smile. KöR restores your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen by eliminating stain molecules. This treatment is extremely safe for your teeth and gums.

All KöR whitening gels are kept refrigerated and arrive cold-packed at our office to maintain their potency. With KöR, you can sleep while the gel goes to work, eliminating the need for daytime treatments. The whitening trays are comfortable, and patients often forget that they have been wearing them all night.

KöR whitening gels eliminate the need for chemical stabilizers, reducing the chances of sensitivity and pain. The whitening system also delivers:

  • A lifetime of naturally bright and beautiful smiles with easy at-home maintenance
  • Exceptional results on a consistent basis
  • Whitening results for any age

It is also the only whitening system proven to whiten even stubborn tetracycline stained teeth

Please contact our dentists at 708-422-1900 for more information about this groundbreaking whitening system.