Introducing Indepen-Dent, the Oak Dental Associates dental discount plan. Sign up today!

Our dentists and team at Oak Dental Associates have found a way to make dentistry more affordable for you and your family: The Indepen-Dent Dental Discount Plan, which is our in-house dental plan.

There can be no debate that the cost of quality dental care is significant. In our economic times, many employers have reduced or eliminated dental coverage altogether from their benefit plans, making it almost impossible for families and individuals alike to get the care they need. The costs of regular fee-for-service dentistry can be prohibitive for those who do not have dental insurance.

Because of this, we have introduced the Indepen-Dent Dental Discount Plan. It is designed to help those who do not have dental insurance or for those whose needs go beyond dental insurance coverage to reduce the cost of their dental care.

The Indepen-Dent program is a dental discount plan and not dental insurance. Under this program, members are charged for services based on a discounted fee schedule. There are no waiting periods and no annual maximums.

Our Indepen-Dent Dental Discount Plan includes the following:

  • Two free cleanings per year
  • Two oral exams per year
  • One set of X-rays per year

This represents a savings of $500 from our regular fee schedule!

Additionally, the Indepen-Dent Dental Discount Plan entitles members to save 30-60% on our stated fees for general dentistry and up to 20% on our stated specialist’s fees.

We invite you to contact Oak Dental Associates at 708-422-1900 if you would like to speak with our team about receiving affordable dental care in Oak Lawn, Illinois. We can also schedule your appointment with Dr. Chris Pallotto, Dr. Duyen Tran or Dr. Patrick Carroll.