Are your gums sore, bright red, or bleeding? Gum disease is a leading cause of dental therapy, and left untreated it can seriously damage your oral health. One of the leading innovations in gum disease treatment is the Perio Protect Tray. Using the Perio Protect Tray, Dr. Chris Pallotto can help you stop the progression of gum disease.
Originally designed as a way to avoid gum disease surgery, The Perio Protect Tray places medicine from the tray directly beneath and into the pockets of the diseased gums. By placing a gel medication into the tray before application, wearers can seal the medicine to their gums, allowing the medicine to continually fight bacteria and infection. You can help your gums heal by wearing the Perio Tray for only minutes each day.
When you come to our office for Perio Protect treatment, Dr. Chris Pallotto will measure your mouth to create a dental mold for the Perio Tray. The fitted treatment device will be comfortable, effective, and simple to use: squeeze the medication into the tray and place the tray into your mouth and onto your teeth. And many of our patients report that the tray leaves them with fresher breath and whiter teeth!
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