Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

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Not all dental crowns need to be used for damaged teeth. Sometimes, a tooth may not be facing the right direction or it is slightly discolored. Rather than pulling the entire tooth out, a dental crown can be used to conceal it and present a better version for your smile. To understand more about dental crowns, here are some commonly asked questions:

Question: How long can a dental crown last?
– A dental crown can last over 20 years.

Question: What are the benefits of a dental crown?
– Dental crowns can conceal and protect teeth, improve the aesthetics of your smile, return broken teeth their natural chewing function capabilities, and conceal previous procedures including fillings, implants, and root canals.

Question: Which is better: a dental crown or a dental veneer?
– Although dental veneers are highly customizable and durable, they only cover the fronts of teeth. Dental crowns cover the entirety of a tooth above the gum line for a beautiful look and added protection.

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