Gum Disease Puts You at an Increased Risk for These Health Conditions

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Your oral health directly impacts your general oral health, which means that poor oral health increases your risk of other health conditions. Gum disease especially exposes you to these conditions, and Dr. Chris Pallotto and our team want to help be informed of the health risks associated with gum disease.

Respiratory Disease
Gum disease puts you at an increased risk for respiratory disease, as oral infections are linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, and other respiratory infections. which develop when oral bacteria is inhaled and reaches the lower respiratory tract.

Heart Disease
One of the reasons we are concerned about gum disease is because bacteria can affect the heart and contribute to the development of heart disease and the risk of heart attack.

Pregnancy Complications
Pregnant women who develop periodontal disease can also develop complications that result in premature delivery and low birth-weight.

Of course, this list of associated health risks is not comprehensive, but it should give you a better idea of the impact gum disease can have on your general health. For more information and to develop a treatment plan to prevent gum disease in Oak Lawn, Illinois, feel free to call 708.422.1900 and schedule a visit with our dentist at Oak Dental Associates.