The Need for Regular Checkups

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Do you long for a healthy, beautiful smile that turns heads whenever you walk into a room? Are you hoping to dazzle everyone you meet with a set of pearly whites that everyone will talk about after a job interview, party, or date?

If so, then you need to do a few things to make sure you have the best oral health possible. One of those things is attending regular checkups with Dr. Chris Pallotto here at Oak Dental Associates in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Why every six months?
Going to the dentist every six months can feel a bit overkill, right? After all, if you’re brushing, flossing, and cleaning your teeth and mouth at home, why bother going to the dentist’s office twice a year?

The truth is that while your at-home oral health routine is integral to great overall oral health, there are certain things you can’t do at home that only trained dental professionals can, and these steps are just as important to your oral health as anything else.

What are they?
Some of the most important things you have done at a dentist’s office include having your teeth planed (to remove tartar that’s built up around the gum line), X-rays, an in-depth cleaning, and an oral cancer screening.

Planing teeth is important because if you let tartar remain on your teeth for too long you’ll almost definitely end up with a cavity or other form of tooth decay.

X-rays can help your dentist spot cavities when they’re tiny, in addition to spotting infections and other oral health problems that usually aren’t visible until they’re serious issues.

Lastly, the in-depth cleaning you get from your dentist is far better for your teeth than any other cleaning option. The team is able to more easily reach the areas of your mouth largely skipped by at-home brushing, and helps you have better overall oral health.

If you need to schedule a cleaning or have any other questions, call us today at 708-422-1900.